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Step 1: Select an exerciseUse the explore page to find exercises that are most suitable for you. Read all the info carefully and start.
Step 2: Read all helper-questions and format-tipsEach exercise contains unique helper-questions and format-related tips that help you to generate your first ideas.
Step 3: Brainstorm ideas for inputCollect all your ideas together in one place so that you can easily use them to create input for your piece. 
Step 4: Add input for your pieceTake your time to really create meaningful and inspiring input. You want to be proud of your creations.
Step 5: Publish your pieceTime to publish. You can either choose to publish your piece just for yourself or share it publicly with others.
Step 6*: Share your pieceCopy the URL from the detail page of the piece or just simply share the link of your Go-Getter Identity with others.

Activate and express all of your capacities as a human being

Get to know yourself better

Shine light through the unknown depths of your mind

Expand your worldview

Renew your perspective and beliefs about how the world works.

Deeply reflect on yourself

Take a closer look at yourself and reflect on the things you can improve.

Express yourself creatively

Use your creative potential to express yourself in all sorts of ways.

Contemplate about reality

Think deeply about the greatest questions and mysteries of life.

Start inspiring the world

Share your greatest ideas, insights, creations, and advices with others.

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