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Rich way to explore new exercises

Choose from over 100 exercises that will help you to get the most out of yourself in all kinds of areas.

The different categories are intended to reduce the total range of exercises. It should make it easier for you to choose which ones are currently most suitable for you.

Express yourself in various ways with multiple formats

At the moment we have four different formats available in which you can express yourself:

  • List: create a list with items
  • Text: write in detail about a topic
  • Collage: create a collage consisting of images
  • Drawing: make a creative drawing

Use relevant questions as inspiration for your pieces

Each exercise contains multiple questions that can help you to brainstorm input for your piece. These questions can be especially useful if you don't know well where to start and need a bit of direction.

Inspire the world with your Go-Getter Identity

Each newly registered go-getter gets a unique 'Go-Getter Identity'. This is a public profile containing all of your publicly published pieces. Through this identity, you can share your most valuable pieces with the world.