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Develop yourself through exercises

Create a new powerful ‘growth’ habit for yourself by actively engaging in the process of completing exercises daily.

Growing by action

We’re often getting too caught up in the theoretical aspect of things instead of taking real action. Engaging in the active process of completing exercises guarantees that you will take continuous steps towards ‘actual’ growth.

Focus through anchoring

Instead of superficial thinking about random things without getting any valuable insights, using exercises as anchors for your thinking enables you to think more deeply about specific topics without being constantly distracted.

Integrating your thoughts

Completing exercises challenges you to gather and combine thoughts about a specific topic and to form a meaningful whole from it. In this process of integration, you constantly train yourself to consciously select and interconnect thoughts, which results in a more developed you.


Plan exercises in cycles

Instead of randomly starting exercises now and then, establish a continuous month-to-month growth process through cycles.

Structured process

Cycles help you to establish an overarching structure for regularly completing exercises. Cycles are iteratively oriented; they ensure that you stay in a ‘loop’ and that you learn to constantly think ahead about what you want to focus on next.

Past, present, and future

Cycles give you a detailed overview of all the exercises you have done in the previous months, this current month, and the ones you have planned for upcoming months.


Work on exercises in the workspace

The workspace provides you with a focused environment that you can use to work on your exercises from anywhere.

A central place to work

With the help of our built-in workspace, you can work on all started exercises directly within the platform.The workspace can be accessed from any device. So you can work at home behind the computer, but also on the go on your mobile.

Focus and productivity

The workspace will help you to work in total concentration on all of your exercises. You can also optionally expand it with all sorts of additional features to become highly productive.


Gather input for exercises with Genius

Use our unique thinking tool called ‘Genius’ to generate and structure all of your thoughts like a super-thinker.

Structured input

Genius can help you beforehand to generate and organize valuable input for a started exercise. This is extremely useful because you can use this input as a bucket of ideas to kick-off your creation and add lots of depth into it.

Focused thinking

Genius helps you maintain a strong focus in your thinking so that you don’t keep wandering into other thoughts. The tool helps you to create structured anchor points. This allows you to delve deeper into specific thought paths and gather more in-depth insights.

Sophisticated thinking

Genius automatically helps you think about things in a more sophisticated way. It enables you to organize thoughts logically into hierarchical structures. It enables you to think from multiple perspectives about things. And it enables you to create holistic overviews of your thoughts.


Collecting your creations as pieces

Pieces are a new type of content that enables you to keep all of your creations from completed exercises in one place.

Organizing your pieces

All pieces are collected in a central place so that you can easily view all your creations. Over time you will create more and more pieces, and then it will be handy that you can search and filter through them.

Sharing your pieces

You don’t have to keep all of your creations only for yourself. You can also use them to inspire others around you. You can share pieces inside or outside the platform. Others can like and comment on your pieces and start an interaction.

Getting showcased

After completing an exercise, you can optionally choose to submit your piece. We, as a brand, can then decide to showcase your piece via our platform for an unlimited amount of time. This way, other go-getters on our platform can get inspired by your work.


Form your own ‘Go-Getter Identity’

Your ‘Go-Getter Identity’ can be seen as the ultimate profile that captures your growth journey in the form of pieces.

Managing your identity

Together all of the pieces on your Go-Getter Identity reflect your identity as a go-getter. You can choose which parts you want to keep for yourself and which parts you want to share with the world.

Inspire and get inspired

With a Go-Getter Identity profile, you can easily share all your publicly visible pieces with others. In addition, you can also view the profiles of other go-getters and see their pieces too.


Participate in our activities

Regularly we organize activities, often in the form of challenges, in which you can participate and earn unique rewards.

Extra motivation

Sometimes it can be quite challenging to start a new habit. That is why you can participate in our activities. It serves as extra motivation to get started with the process of actively completing exercises.

Learning from others

By participating in our activities, you will not only learn from the pieces you create yourself. You also have the opportunity to explore and learn from the pieces that other go-getters have created as part of the same activity.


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