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Basic vocabulary


An 'Exercise' can be seen as a small piece of work that is assigned to you containing a unique task that needs to be completed. All of our exercises are specifically designed for the main purpose of becoming your greatest self possible.


Each exercises produces a unique end-result. This end-result is called a 'piece'. They contain ideas, stories, memories, creations, etc. In time you will create many pieces that you can look back on, or you can use them to inspire the world.


Each exercise has a specific 'format' assigned to it. A 'format' is a specific content-type. For now, we have 4 different formats within the app. These are 'text', 'list', 'drawing', and 'collage'. You can recognize them by their colors.

Go-Getter Identity

After registration, you get your own 'Go-Getter Identity'. This is a (public) profile that will contain all of your future published pieces. Inspire those around you with your greatest ideas, creations, stories, and connect with them on a deeply personal level.

'Home' page

This is your personal dashboard containing:

  • A shortcut to the current piece you are working on
  • A shortcut to the latest piece you have published
  • Various piece-related statistics to view your progress
  • Helpful quicklinks to easily navigate to other pages

'Explore' page

This is where you can explore all available exercises based on:

  • Different types of formats
  • What you want to achieve
  • Different types of personalities


Here you craft all of your pieces and contains:

  • An overview where you find helpful info related to the exercise
  • A dedicated notes area where you can collect ideas for your piece
  • A dedicated input area where you create or upload your piece
  • A publish page where you can publish your created piece

'My pieces' page

This overview contains:

  • All of the pieces you are currently working on
  • All of the pieces you have already published

You also can individually view, edit, and delete all of your pieces on this page.

'Profile' page

This is where all of your published pieces will be showcased. You can choose to publish a piece just for yourself, or publicly, if you desire to share it with others. Your 'Go-Getter Identity' profile has its own unique URL that you can easily copy and share.

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Download our app on all your devices, so you can work on your 'pieces' wherever you are. Our app is available in the browser, for mobile, and for desktop.