8 key pillars

8 key pillars

For a full detailed overview of all the features and benefits our platform offers, explore each topic below in detail.

Grow on a daily basis by completing exercises


Whether you're just starting with personal development or you are years on the road, we offer an endless amount of exercises for you to grow.


Everyone is unique and has personal preferences. That's why we offer many customization options to start the perfect exercise.


Stay in the loop of continuous growth by planning your exercises into cycles and setting deadlines for them.

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Actively plan exercises into repeating cycles


Instead of randomly starting exercises now and then, establish a continuous growth process for yourself by working with repetitive cycles.


For some shorter cycles and short-term planning work better. For others, longer cycles and long-term planning work better.

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Work on exercises in a dedicated workspace


Based on the format you've selected for your exercise, the workspace will be optimized with the right editor for completing your exercise.


The workspace is designed to help you work in total concentration on your exercises through several productivity features.

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Gather input for exercises with genius


Generate tons of input that you can use for your exercise by organizing deep thinking sessions with a bit of help from Genius.


As important as it is to focus and not get distracted by other thoughts, you certainly need to oversee all of your thoughts in some situations to get more clarity.

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Collect creations from exercises as pieces


Pieces are a new type of content that enables you to keep all of your creations from completed exercises in one place.


Engage in unique opportunities to inspire other go-getters around the world with your pieces.

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GGo-Getter Identity

Manage pieces as part of your go-getter identity profile


Your go-getter identity can be seen as a new type of status symbol based on personal growth, rather than materialism.


Our platform is dedicated to bringing together go-getters from all over the world to inspire each other.

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Complete exercises as part of challenges and win rewards


On our platform, we organize different types of challenges for you to participate in. Some more with individual focus, others more with collective focus.


To add an extra source of motivation we give away all sorts of rewards to winners and participators.

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Make the app entirely yours by customizing everything


Customize all sorts of settings to make the app more yours, whether it's about functionality or styling.


To get the most out of our app it's important to get a good understanding of all of the new and existing features.

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