Gather input for exercises using Genius

Mind mapping for deep thinking

Generate tons of input that you can use for your exercise by organizing deep thinking sessions with a bit of help from Genius.

Node types

Organize structured thinking sessions for yourself with the help of five types of nodes (text-areas, list-items, questions, categories, and perspectives) that can be infinitely nested within each other.

Node suggestions

Instead of adding nodes all by yourself, we've added multiple unique node suggestions PER exercise (consisting of question-answer-like pairs) that can be easily inserted. These suggestions give you great starting points for gathering input about the topic of the started exercise.


Seeing all of your thoughts at once

As important as it is to focus and not get distracted by other thoughts, you certainly need to oversee all of your thoughts in some situations to get more clarity.


Instead of only seeing all your nodes per hierarchical level in a listview, you can also switch to a treeview where you can oversee all of your nodes from all hierarchical levels

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