How it all works

Getting started
with the app


Think deeply about
yourself and life

Our app is all about personal development exercises. We've added tons of them in all sorts of categories. Each exercise challenges you to think deeply about yourself and life and then translate these thoughts into concrete words and visuals.


Growth cycles

Put together your monthly
plan for growth

Instead of randomly completing some exercises over time, we've added a great fundamental structure that is very motivating to work with. With the help of growth cycles, you can put together a list of exercises you want to complete in a month and then tick them off one by one. It's like a monthly plan for your personal growth.



Work on each exercise with
extreme productivity

The workspace's ultimate purpose is to provide you with a productive environment where you can work on exercises. It contains different tools that will boost your focus and help you to create in-depth exercise results.



Collect your work as 'Pieces'
you can look back on later

Every time you complete an exercise it will be converted into a 'piece'. A 'piece' is like a placeholder that contains a text, list, drawing, or collage. Throughout time, you will have many pieces that you can look at and also can share with other people around you.


Go-Getter Identity

Personal and social profile
— combined into one

Every user will get a Go-Getter Identity profile. This profile contains all of your 'pieces'. Dependent on your 'pieces' level of visibility, they are visible to only yourself or the whole world.



Customize the app itself
in various ways

The app is designed in a way that allows you to customize all sorts of core elements. For example the app interface. You can pick UI colors and backgrounds based on your own preference. Customizing these elements helps to give you a maximum personal experience.

Become your ultimate self
- and inspire the world

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