Develop yourself through exercises

Tons of exercises to grow in any life area

Whether you're just starting with personal development or you are years on the road, we offer an endless amount of exercises for you to grow.

Organized by topic

All of our exercises are categorized into various topics, which helps you find suitable exercises for yourself in a matter of seconds.

Types of exercises

There are three types of exercises: original, template, and custom. Original exercises are 100% unique, template exercises are generic but can be tweaked with a selected topic, and lastly, custom exercises are fully custom and are defined by you.


Tailor exercises to your needs

Everyone is unique and has personal preferences. That's why we offer many customization options to start the perfect exercise.

Format preference

The first way to customize an exercise is to select a format to your preference. The current formats we support are text, list, drawing, painting, and collage.

Custom suggestions for 'template' exercises

The second way to customize an exercise is to define a custom topic for a template exercise. For example, you pick the exercise 'Definition Of ...'. You can then replace the '...' with a custom topic.

Fully custom exercises New

The third way is to create a fully custom exercise. To do this, you need to define a unique name, followed by a custom-defined task that you will complete as part of the exercise.


Actively plan your exercises

Stay in the loop of continuous growth by planning your exercises into cycles and setting deadlines for them.

Add exercises to cycles

Every time you start an exercise, you must assign it to a cycle. This cycle repeats itself by default every month.

Set deadlines

Put a bit of pressure on yourself by actively setting deadlines for completing your exercises.

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